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Telling your story through the right communication platform is crucial to the ultimate success of your corporate, marketing, and brand messaging strategies.

Communication is a P2P excercise, not a B2B or B2C agenda where your demograhics are perceived as sets of Metrics and KIPs. It is a personal, emotive and passionate process.

- Jim Rohn

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Corporate Image & Identity

The begining of story you tell about your company, business, objectives, long term intentions, the difference you make, anda why your audiences should pay attention to you. They speak to your audeinces through your Logo, represention and visual expressions that gives character and integrity to your corporate brand.

Build Amazing Websites With Us.

Your website is the heartbeat of your business and all roads lead to it. It is where your audiences become a part of what you do, and Why you do it. It is the nerve center of everything that happens in your organization where you can invite your audiences to share the brand story you want to tell them – to engage, build long-term relationships, educate and share your common passion and lifestyles, to begin a dialog of shared values and ideas.

Concept | Design & Construction | Maintenance | 24/7 Support

Creative Concepts & Strategies

Everything we understand is derived from Concepts. Critical Path thinking prevent concepts from becoming constraints. Well validated and executed strategies are those that deliver impactful messages. There is no one size fits all. Address your audiences according to their demographics and psychographic data that are appealing to them, not to your own taste.

Concept | Design & Construction | Maintenance | 24/7 Support


Your story and brand message is heard and accepted only when you communication with clarity, authenticity, and rationale that is quantifiable and validated. Language style speaks individually to your audiences as humans and appeal the their innate emotional status quo. Celebrate, empathize and advocate about what they are to you with copy that resonates and they can relate to. Curate your content that excites and impacts your target audience attention.

Annual Reports | Company Profiles | Advertising Copy | Video Scripts

Outreach / Public Relations / Inflencer Marketing

Good PR is telling your audiences what they need to hear instead of what you want them to hear. Good PR empathizes, advocates and celebrates your audiences interests, passions and lifestyles align your vision with theirs. It Influences by making them inclusive and draws them to participate in your cause. It is not about selling. It is about reaching influencers that will endorse and influence their audiences to you.

Media relations | Press Release | Articles | Press confrence | Speeches

Digital and Social Readiness

Digital readiness is defined by the level of readiness of an organization’s workforce to transition into digitized workflows that are enabled by software and technology. Each of the three elements of digital readiness – skills, trust, and use – is measurable. Social Media is now the Weapon of Mass Communication. We help clients navigate and understand the complexities, and provide the appropriate solutions and services.

Infrastructure | Appropriate Software | Coaching | Implementation | Marketingconfrence | Speeches

Video Production

Nothing is more exciting than the combination of sight, sound and motion to get your audiences attention. It is also an art and the science of producing powerful messages in building your corporate and product brands.

Corporate, Marketing & Product Launch | Commercials | Safety & Training

Printwork & Print Production

There is more to printwork than meets the eye. Substance us the basis which provide your audiences with tangible insights, information and data about what you are, what you do, why and how you do it, together with your promises of deliverables. Publish only what is pertinent and essential to fast-track their decision-making.

Event Marketing

We design and construct exhibition stands and other special event properties that brings the experiential and immersive atmosphere for your visitors. Every creatiion is aligned and consistent with all aspect of a company’s corporate image and identity, and brand message. Other include: Giant hoardings and billboards, stage design and signage.

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