Your Anchor is your Brand. Your brand is the representation and embodiment of your company and product identity, image, characteristics and integrity that intersects with your target audiencesu2019 passions and lifestyles, in which you both share commonalities that complement each other.

Phases of Strategic Brand Development

1. Discovery

The comprehensive immersion into every facet of a brandu2019s business.

2. Brand Platform

The brand messaging system from which all other components of a brand are built.n

3. Brand Architecture

The formation of a brandu2019s portfolio of offerings

4. Brand Namingu200b

The shorthand method for verbal and written identification of a brand

5. Visual Expressions

The visual assets that communicate a brandu2019s personality and perspective

6. Brand Execution

Communication protocol, narrative and visuals and scripts.

7. Brand Alignment

The union of employees, investors, advocates and other internal stakeholders around a common set of practices that informs how they communicate on behalf of a brand.n

8. Brand Extension

The identification and analysis of market opportunities to create new brand offerings

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