Dynamics of Communication

Strategic Social Networking

Content Creation, Engagement, Messaging, Analytics.

It is free, It is accessible to anyone age 7 to 70. It connects 10s of millons of sellers to buyers. And ot is the most lethal weapon of mass communicaiton and marketing. What it is not is easy. The planning, the strategy, the execution, the engagement, the conversation management are hardwork that require expertise.

Phases of Social Marketing, Engagement & Enablement

Discovery & Analysis

Immersion into your social media needs and pre-existing conditions, strength and weaknesses, and requirements.n

Strategy Development

Social Profiles, Platforms, and Engagement Strategies.n

Content Creation

The right content, it's precision and timeliness is the most vital element for your social campaign to work.

Community and Target Demographics Profilingn

Know you target audiences, where they are, what are their passions and commonalities associated with your brand.n

Content Planningn

Substance, timeliness, buzz creation and triggersn

Messaging Conversations

Copy crafting, message scheduling, response managing

Buzz Creationn

Driving traffic and followers into action

Applications and Trainingn

Appropriation, software applications, integration and social media HR training.n

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