Dynamics of Communication

Important Announcement!

C-Dynamics Philippines, Inc., would like to announce and inform all our clients and associates, vendors and suppliers, and partners, that with immediate effect,
C-Dynamics Indonesia, C-Dynamics Philippines, and C-Dynamics Singapore, have dissolved our partnership with Brains Infinite Innovations Inc., of the Philippines and both parties are no longer conducting business together.

They are therefore, in no capacity whatsoever to conduct any business for or on behalf of, or a part of all C-Dynamics’ offices, or represent C-Dynamics, in anyway, shape and form. Please treat all current and previous  correspondence, proposals, quotations, our corporate literature, and all other forms of communication as null and void.

We would further like to announce that the previously held position of Chief Technical Officer(CTO) for the Philippines has been vacated.

For further clarification and validation on the above, please email with the Subject line: “Validate” to info@c-dynamicsinc.com.

For the purpose of carrying out due-diligence, please email with the Subject line: “Validate” to ceo@c-dynamicsinc.com.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused to all our associates, partners and clients.

The Management