C-Dynamics is a Full Service Communication Consulting Firm Engage in the 4 Core Disciplines of:

Strategic Corporate Communication

Strategic Brand Development

Social Networking & Engagement

OutReach PR & Influencer Marketing

Strategic Communication Soluitons

Solving Today's Toughest Corporate Communications Challenges.


Corporate Identity, Corporate Image, Corporate Values and Integrity, Business Methodsn,Long Term Intentions, Deliverables.
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Strategic Brand Building and Development

Building and Developing Brands That Hit The Ground Running.

Your Anchor

It is the embodiment of your Corporate Identity & Image, Customer Solutions, Corporate Values, Culture and Integrity.
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Social Media Marketing & Engagement

Social Media Enablement - Marketing, Engagement and Conversion.


It is engagement, conversations and relationship building before Likes, Follows and Sharing.
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Outreach & Influencer Marketing

Public Relations Outreach and Influencer Marketing.


Influencers are you most powerful allies when you are focus, offer clarity and accuracy. REachout to them.
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Stragic Solutions

Strategic Corporate & Marketing communication Solutions

Strategic Branding

Strategic Branding, ReBranding & Brand Development

Strategic Networking

Strategic Social Media Marketing and Enablement

Strategic Outreach

Outreach PR and Influencer Marketing

360 Solutions

Corporate Identity

Brand Development

Creative Strategy

Copy Crafting

Social Media Enablement

Outreach Influencer Marketing

Video Production

Experiential Activation

Printwork & Publishing

Web Construction & Development

Social Profiling

Digital Marketing