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C-Dynamics Web Design Plans

Our Optima, Lite, Econo and Super Econo Web Design Plans have been created especially for start-ups and small businesses as a launching pad for their presence on the internet. Our system of web design and maintenance are unlike any other in that everything from registration of domains, selection of hosting, site design, construction and development are all carried out by our team without the need for the site owners to have prior knowledge of web maintenance. From the get go, our team of seasoned web designers will get to work immediately upon your submission of all necessary content materials for your website. This include the following:

  1. Your company Logo, Font Styles and Colors.
  2. Your company Profile or Description of your company and business in Text, Images and Video Clips.
  3. Your Products and/or Services Descriptions.
    Upon your submission of the above, we will immediately proceed to design and build your site for you.

NOTE: C-Dynamics Web Design Plans are not available  for eCommerce Sites or Online Shops that are custom build. Will be happy to provide you with a quotation upon request.


All resources that we utilized are open-source free resources available to anybody on the internet. This include: Web Templates and Themes, Plug-ins: Individual Components and Elements, and other available Added Features for site enhancements. However, you also have the choice to upgrade to Premium and Paid Versions of any resource, of which, will be charged at cost, plus 10% handling fees. (They are similar to all your mobile devices applications that comes with limited free versions and paid full featured premium versions.)

Scope of Work

C-Dynamics Optima, Lite and Econo Web Design Plans are confined to the design, construction, editing/updating of web pages, and maintenance for all websites only.This does not cover any Content Materials that are to be supplied by clients that include:

  1. Writing or Editing of articles and descriptions of your company, products and services.
  2. Photography, Video Production, Images, Audio and Video Editing.
  3. Logo Design and any other special design tasks not related to designing of web pages.

All Content and Materials are supplied by Clients and will be edited into Web pages as is.Should Clients require us to carry out the above, we will be happy to provide a cost estimate.

Service and Technical Support

C-Dynamics Web Design maintains a 24 x 7 Support Team that is at the disposal of all Clients. All requests for editing, revisions, email activation and other technical matters, including complaints and assistance, shall be routed through the submission of a Ticket by filling in a form for such requests to: webmaster@c-dynamicsinc.com

However, a messaging facility is also available for quick and simple solutions and Q & A.


All orders must be placed using the Order Form provided on our website. However, a messaging facility is also available for quick and simple solutions and Q & A.

Payment Methods

Payment can be made upon ordering or upon receipt of and electronic invoice to be sent to your registered email address. Upon receipt of payment, a confirmation email and other instructions will be forwarded, including the requests of all the content materials required to begin designing your website.
Payments can be made through either:

  1. Direct Bank Transfers
  2. International Money Transfers, or
  3. Paypal and Credit Cards using our Secure Website