Dynamics of Communication

Strategic Communication Solutions

Constantly Defining & Refining Your Corporate DNA

The advent of Social media has made everything transparent. As marketers, brand stewards and communicators, we are obligated and committed to point our clients and their target audiences in the right direction - The True North. Not the magnetic North.

Phases of Strategic Communication

Discovery & Analysis

Discovery and analysis of the current state of an organization's current communication process. This provides a baseline for process improvements and identifies key problem areas to be addressed to eliminating guesswork.

Objectives and Goals

Goals are broad strokes, such as the need to raise higher awareness to reputation among key publics. Objectives are the workhorses here. Each objective should be SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-sensitive) to accomplish the goal it serves.

The Belief System

Formulating the 7 Rules of brand building into your corporate identity mix.

Strategy Development

Tactical capability, options, and execution.

Conceptualization of the Strategic Plan

The measurement and integration model for internal and external alignment, consistency and accuracy, timeliness, deliverables and monitoring.


Communication protocol, narrative, visuals and scripts.


Surgical execution contrary to many can apply in executing near perfect strategies. The method and the precisions are key.

Tweaking and Development

Tweaking is a word not often used. But we do. In this fast pace world of change constant tweaking, monitoring and development are the essentials to remain on top of competition.

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